Commit 83a05b86 authored by Mohammed Sadiq's avatar Mohammed Sadiq
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panel: Hide power popover on tapping topbar when appropriate

If the user taps the power button or over other buttons,
hide power popover (if open) instead of hiding the panel.
But if the user taps on the top panel area (other than
the power button), hide the panel
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......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ static guint signals[N_SIGNALS] = { 0 };
typedef struct {
PhoshPanelState state;
GtkWidget *btn_power;
GtkWidget *menu_power;
GtkWidget *stack;
GtkWidget *box; /* main content box */
......@@ -252,10 +253,18 @@ on_key_press_event (PhoshPanel *self, GdkEventKey *event, gpointer data)
static gboolean
on_button_press_event (PhoshPanel *self, GdkEventKey *event, gpointer data)
on_button_press_event (PhoshPanel *self, GdkEventButton *event, gpointer data)
PhoshPanelPrivate *priv = phosh_panel_get_instance_private (self);
phosh_trigger_feedback ("button-pressed");
phosh_panel_fold (self);
if (gtk_widget_is_visible (priv->menu_power) &&
event->window != gtk_widget_get_window (priv->btn_power))
gtk_popover_popdown (GTK_POPOVER (priv->menu_power));
phosh_panel_fold (self);
return FALSE;
......@@ -378,6 +387,7 @@ phosh_panel_class_init (PhoshPanelClass *klass)
gtk_widget_class_set_template_from_resource (widget_class,
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, PhoshPanel, btn_power);
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, PhoshPanel, menu_power);
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, PhoshPanel, btn_top_panel);
gtk_widget_class_bind_template_child_private (widget_class, PhoshPanel, lbl_clock);
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