Commit 765e039e authored by David Seaward's avatar David Seaward Committed by Gogs

Merge branch 'django_1_11_11' of david.seaward/purist_middleware into master

parents 2a329f1c 4c5bdabe
...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ celery==4.1.0 ...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ celery==4.1.0
choicesenum==0.2.2 choicesenum==0.2.2
confusable_homoglyphs==3.0.0 confusable_homoglyphs==3.0.0
dj-database-url==0.4.2 dj-database-url==0.4.2
Django==1.11.9 Django==1.11.11
django-agpl==4.0.0 django-agpl==4.0.0
django-auth-ldap==1.3.0 django-auth-ldap==1.3.0
django-celery-beat==1.1.0 django-celery-beat==1.1.0
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