Commit c88b6ae7 authored by Matthias Klumpp's avatar Matthias Klumpp

Finalize changelog for 3.26.0-2pureos3

parent 4d6a4202
gnome-initial-setup (3.26.0-2pureos3) green; urgency=medium
* Switch all data-transmission privacy options to default-off
* Spawn PureOS OEM installer after session setup on OEM live image
* Add experimental disk encryption setup page for OEM setups
-- Matthias Klumpp <> Fri, 16 Mar 2018 10:52:42 +0100
gnome-initial-setup (3.26.0-2pureos2) green; urgency=medium
* pureos-default-goa-providers.patch: Set default GOA providers that
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