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    Import Debian version 0.132 · 21af342d
    Ben Hutchings authored
    initramfs-tools (0.132) unstable; urgency=medium
      * [4e1f80e] mkinitramfs: Don't try to remove nonexistent /var/cache/ldconfig
        (Closes: #904065)
      * [d0212d3] hook-functions: Quote exclusions in copy_modules_dir
      * [8c806b4] hook-functions: Add support for compressed module files
        (Closes: #891560)
      * [71f5d61] mkinitramfs: Create usr-merged filesystem layout
        (Closes: #874523)
      * [4c0d86c] hooks/resume: Loop over all swap devices when selecting
      * [312393b] hooks/resume: Reject zram swap devices when selecting
        automatically (Closes: #861228)
      * [c0ae42b] update-initramfs: Always take over other initramfs images
        (Closes: #765750, #804295)
      * [f39625a] update-initramfs: Make "-k all" take over other initramfs images
      * [f273172] scripts/functions: Fix parsing of device name from ip parameter
      * [abae896] scripts/functions: Merge information from BOOTIF/DEVICE and ip
        parameters (Closes: #721088)
    initramfs-tools (0.131) unstable; urgency=medium
      [ Ben Hutchings ]
      * [34bf250] debian/control: Remove maximilian attems and Adam Conrad from
        Uploaders field
      * [5ad3976] hooks/resume: Generalise logic to replace dev name with UUID when
      * [0170b7f] hooks/resume: Store /dev/mapper path for swap if possible when
        RESUMEauto (Closes: #883735)
      * [5bf4c29] debian/control: Point Vcs URLs to Salsa
      * [e8377b3] hooks/fsck: Fix invocation of fstype at build time.
        Thanks to Simon Tatham <anakin@pobox.com> (Closes: #865691)
      * [492763a] docs: Convert maintainer notes to Markdown format
      * [0214976] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Update references to Alioth, to Salsa
      * [b71c6c9] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Delete mention of git-core package
      * [89daebf] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Change BTS link to specify source
      * [8e539dc] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Link to tracker.debian.org instead of
      * [3f27197] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Remove stale link to Debian bug count
      * [7dece27] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Use HTTP-S for Debian wiki and popcon
      * [838b6ec] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Link directly to Ubuntu bug list
      * [eaa61d4] docs/maintainer-notes.md: Add myself as co-author
      * [fa7df8f] hook-functions: Correct the comment above hidden_dep_add_modules
      * [0ffbeb9] hook-functions: Remove directory information from
      * [78e95c1] hook-functions: Check modules.builtin in hidden_dep_add_modules
      * [976aeb9] hook-functions: Handle i8042 hidden dependency on psmouse
        (Closes: #878829)
      * [211e050] hook-functions: Handle nvme hidden dependency on vmd.
        Thanks to Mario Limonciello <Mario.Limonciello@dell.com> (Closes: #886349)
      * [28536f6] unmkinitramfs, lsinitramfs: Split multiple early initramfs
        sections (Closes: #886424)
      * [2a9d97d] debian/control: Add e2fsprogs to Depends for initramfs-tools-core
        (Closes: #887211)
      * [577c94e] initramfs.conf: Update documentation of the DEVICE variable
      * [f1cbe6f] mkinitramfs: Build reproducible images when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is
        set. Thanks to Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> (Closes: #845034)
      * [717e6bd] mkinitramfs: Exclude ldconfig auxiliary cache from initramfs
        image. Thanks to Kristian Klausen <klausenbusk@hotmail.com>
      * [8bddfe4] mkinitramfs(8): Remove description of nonexistent options
      * [ecd6ce2] mkinitramfs(8), hook-functions: Correct references to "ramdisk"
      * [63cec7b] docs: Move initramfs-tools man page to section 7
      * [562d86e] docs: Update man page header dates
      * [9bd960e] docs: Set man page header source and manual parameters correctly
      * [97cc7e7] docs: Don't package maintainer documentation in
      * [4e19a6f] docs: Remove outdated "HACKING" documentation file
      * [6c02622] debian/control: Remove obsolete Breaks and Depends relations
      * [749751c] debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 4.1.5
        - Set Rules-Requires-Root: no
      * [db469f0] initramfs-tools: Override lintian warning "breaks-without-version
      [ Riku Voipio ]
      * [72b6419] auto_add_modules: add mfd for MODULES==most (Closes: #880584)
      [ Benjamin Drung ]
      * [7ca4d0d] Add mlx4 and mlx5 InfiniBand modules to hidden_dep_add_modules
        (Closes: #871595)
      * [df7d7e8] Add option to clear screen at the beginning (Closes: #856929)
      * [a33cb62] Fix indentation (spaces to tabs)
      * [3962c4f] Fix config directory in error message (Closes: #856589)
      * [be2b91c] Double quote to prevent globbing and word splitting
      * [ae339ff] Make size of /run configurable (Closes: #862013)
      [ Steve Langasek ]
      * [c198331] Skip dmsetup resume devices if they are randomly encrypted.
      [ Paul Menzel ]
      * [e28b865] mkinitramfs: Add LZ4 support (Closes: #893845)
      * [5091a5e] control: Remove suggestion of *lz4-tools*
      [ Colin Watson ]
      * [b4804dd] Only sync the filesystem containing the initramfs
        (Closes: #882380) (LP: #1667512)
      [ Karsten Merker ]
      * [281ad9a] Include the axp20x_usb_power module in the base modules list for
        MODULES=most (Closes: #866521)
      [ Ivan Kozik ]
      * [54367c0] init: export DEVICE so that when configured, it is actually set
        in configure_networking (Closes: #883664)
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