Commit 095ae363 authored by Ansgar Burchardt's avatar Ansgar Burchardt

test_gpg: also switch to `str` for fingerprints

parent b148988f
......@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ from base_test import DakTestCase, fixture
from daklib.gpg import GpgException, SignedFile
keyring = fixture('gpg/gnupghome/pubring.gpg')
fpr_valid = b'0ABB89079CB58F8F94F6F310CB9D5C5828606E84'
fpr_expired = b'05A558AE65B77B559BBE0C4D543B2BAEDA044F0B'
fpr_expired_subkey = b'8865D9EC71713394ADBD8F729F7A24B7F6388CE1'
fpr_valid = '0ABB89079CB58F8F94F6F310CB9D5C5828606E84'
fpr_expired = '05A558AE65B77B559BBE0C4D543B2BAEDA044F0B'
fpr_expired_subkey = '8865D9EC71713394ADBD8F729F7A24B7F6388CE1'
def verify(filename, require_signature=True):
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