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We have just begun the GNOME 2 port of the control center on the HEAD
branch of CVS. At this point, it is not guaranteed to compile or
run. If you wish to have a working control center, use the branch
gnome-1-4-branch by issuing the following command:
GNOME Control Center
Version: 2.1.4
cvs -z3 up -r gnome-1-4-branch
GNOME Control Center for the GNOME 2.2 Beta Desktop contains the following -
Please do not file bug reports pertaining to the current state of the
HEAD branch.
Requirements -
intltool >= 0.21
gtk+ >= 2.0.0
gconf >= 2.0.0
libgnome >= 2.0.0
libgnomeui >= 2.0.0
libglade >= 2.0.0
libbonobo >= 2.0.0
libbonoboui >= 2.0.0
libgnomevfs >= 2.0.0
gnome-desktop >= 2.0.0
Installation -
See the file 'INSTALL'
How to report bugs -
Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system under the product
control-center. It is available at
In the report please include the following information -
Operating system and version
For Linux, version of the C library
How to reproduce the bug if possible
If the bug was a crash, include the exact text that was printed out
A stacktrace where possible [see below]
How to get a stack trace -
If the crash is reproducible, it is possible to get a stack trace and
attach it to the bug report. The following steps are used to obtain a
stack trace -
Run the program in gdb [the GNU debugger] or any other debugger
ie. gdb gnome-calculator
Start the program
ie. (gdb) run
Reproduce the crash and the program will exit to the gdb prompt
Get the back trace
ie. (gdb) bt
Once you have the backtrace, copy and paste this either into the
'Comments' field or attach a file with it included.
Patches -
Patches should be submitted to or emailed to one of
the people listed in the MAINTAINERS file. If using bugzilla, attach
the patch to a new bug report [or preferably, check to see if there is
already a bug report that corresponds to your patch]. Bug reports
containing patches should include the 'PATCH' keyword.
Patches should be created using the unified diff form.
ie. cvs diff -u file-to-be-patched.c > patch.diff
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