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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'mjt/trivial-patches' into staging · 666eb032
    Anthony Liguori authored
    * mjt/trivial-patches:
      acpi unit-test: Remove temporary disk after test
      mainstone: Fix duplicate array values for key 'space'
      pxa27x: Add 'const' attribute to keyboard maps
      pxa27x: Reduce size of keyboard matrix mapping
      doc: Mention chardev:id in available devices for -serial
      configure: Python tests must be done before help message
      configure: Rewrite code for help message
      fix -boot strict regressed in commit 6ef4716c
      vl: make boot_strict variable static (not used outside vl.c)
      x86: only allow real mode to access 32bit without LMA
      linux-user: Use macro TARGET_NSIG_WORDS where possible
      exynos4210: Use macro ARRAY_SIZE where possible
      ui/cocoa: Use macro ARRAY_SIZE where possible
      misc: Use macro ARRAY_SIZE where possible
      openrisc: Fix spelling in comment (transaltion -> translation)
      hw/arm/highbank: Simplify code (memory region in device state)
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