Commit 213945e4 authored by David Gibson's avatar David Gibson Committed by Juan Quintela
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savevm: Add VMSTATE_FLOAT64 helpers

The current savevm code includes VMSTATE helpers for a number of commonly
used data types, but not for the float64 type used by the internal floating
point emulation code.  This patch fixes the deficiency.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Gibson <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJuan Quintela <>
parent d58f5598
......@@ -157,6 +157,8 @@ extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_uint16;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_uint32;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_uint64;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_float64;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_timer;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_buffer;
extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_unused_buffer;
......@@ -543,6 +545,13 @@ extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_bitmap;
#define VMSTATE_UINT32_TEST(_f, _s, _t) \
VMSTATE_SINGLE_TEST(_f, _s, _t, 0, vmstate_info_uint32, uint32_t)
#define VMSTATE_FLOAT64_V(_f, _s, _v) \
VMSTATE_SINGLE(_f, _s, _v, vmstate_info_float64, float64)
#define VMSTATE_FLOAT64(_f, _s) \
VMSTATE_FLOAT64_V(_f, _s, 0)
#define VMSTATE_TIMER_TEST(_f, _s, _test) \
VMSTATE_POINTER_TEST(_f, _s, _test, vmstate_info_timer, QEMUTimer *)
......@@ -609,6 +618,12 @@ extern const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_bitmap;
#define VMSTATE_INT64_ARRAY(_f, _s, _n) \
VMSTATE_INT64_ARRAY_V(_f, _s, _n, 0)
#define VMSTATE_FLOAT64_ARRAY_V(_f, _s, _n, _v) \
VMSTATE_ARRAY(_f, _s, _n, _v, vmstate_info_float64, float64)
#define VMSTATE_FLOAT64_ARRAY(_f, _s, _n) \
VMSTATE_FLOAT64_ARRAY_V(_f, _s, _n, 0)
#define VMSTATE_BUFFER_V(_f, _s, _v) \
VMSTATE_STATIC_BUFFER(_f, _s, _v, NULL, 0, sizeof(typeof_field(_s, _f)))
......@@ -1133,6 +1133,29 @@ const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_uint16_equal = {
.put = put_uint16,
/* floating point */
static int get_float64(QEMUFile *f, void *pv, size_t size)
float64 *v = pv;
*v = make_float64(qemu_get_be64(f));
return 0;
static void put_float64(QEMUFile *f, void *pv, size_t size)
uint64_t *v = pv;
qemu_put_be64(f, float64_val(*v));
const VMStateInfo vmstate_info_float64 = {
.name = "float64",
.get = get_float64,
.put = put_float64,
/* timers */
static int get_timer(QEMUFile *f, void *pv, size_t size)
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