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Update boot option documentation

Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Kiszka <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <>
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......@@ -219,11 +219,30 @@ Use 'file' as a parallel flash image.
DEF("boot", HAS_ARG, QEMU_OPTION_boot,
"-boot [a|c|d|n] boot on floppy (a), hard disk (c), CD-ROM (d), or network (n)\n")
"-boot [order=drives][,once=drives][,menu=on|off]\n"
" 'drives': floppy (a), hard disk (c), CD-ROM (d), network (n)\n")
@item -boot [a|c|d|n]
Boot on floppy (a), hard disk (c), CD-ROM (d), or Etherboot (n). Hard disk boot
is the default.
@item -boot [order=@var{drives}][,once=@var{drives}][,menu=on|off]
Specify boot order @var{drives} as a string of drive letters. Valid
drive letters depend on the target achitecture. The x86 PC uses: a, b
(floppy 1 and 2), c (first hard disk), d (first CD-ROM), n-p (Etherboot
from network adapter 1-4), hard disk boot is the default. To apply a
particular boot order only on the first startup, specify it via
Interactive boot menus/prompts can be enabled via @option{menu=on} as far
as firmware/BIOS supports them. The default is non-interactive boot.
# try to boot from network first, then from hard disk
qemu -boot order=nc
# boot from CD-ROM first, switch back to default order after reboot
qemu -boot once=d
@end example
Note: The legacy format '-boot @var{drives}' is still supported but its
use is discouraged as it may be removed from future versions.
DEF("snapshot", 0, QEMU_OPTION_snapshot,
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