Commit 916359f6 authored by Andreas Färber's avatar Andreas Färber Committed by Blue Swirl
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Makefile: Add subdir dependency on config-devices-all.mak

What 23bf49b5

 really seemed to try to
fix is that Makefile could recurse into *-softmmu/ subdirectories before
a new *-softmmu/config-devices.mak was generated from pci.mak.

Fix this by adding a dependency on config-all-devices.mak, which in turn
has dependencies on *-softmmu/config-devices.mak.
Reported-by: default avatarGerhard Wiesinger <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Färber <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBlue Swirl <>
parent 88070801
......@@ -123,6 +123,9 @@ qemu-options.def: $(SRC_PATH)/qemu-options.hx
$(call quiet-command,sh $(SRC_PATH)/scripts/hxtool -h < $< > $@," GEN $@")
SUBDIR_RULES=$(patsubst %,subdir-%, $(TARGET_DIRS))
$(SOFTMMU_SUBDIR_RULES): config-all-devices.mak
$(call quiet-command,$(MAKE) $(SUBDIR_MAKEFLAGS) -C $* V="$(V)" TARGET_DIR="$*/" all,)
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