Commit 9c1dd99b authored by Juan Quintela's avatar Juan Quintela Committed by Anthony Liguori

use nwfpe-obj-y for consistence

Signed-off-by: default avatarJuan Quintela <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <>
parent 1a65ba76
......@@ -336,9 +336,10 @@ ifeq ($(TARGET_ARCH), i386)
obj-y += vm86.o
ifeq ($(TARGET_ARCH), arm)
obj-y += nwfpe/fpa11.o nwfpe/fpa11_cpdo.o \
nwfpe/fpa11_cpdt.o nwfpe/fpa11_cprt.o nwfpe/fpopcode.o nwfpe/single_cpdo.o \
nwfpe/double_cpdo.o nwfpe/extended_cpdo.o arm-semi.o
nwfpe-obj-y := fpa11.o fpa11_cpdo.o fpa11_cpdt.o fpa11_cprt.o fpopcode.o
nwfpe-obj-y += single_cpdo.o double_cpdo.o extended_cpdo.o
obj-y += $(addprefix nwfpe/, $(nwfpe-obj-y))
obj-y += arm-semi.o
ifeq ($(TARGET_ARCH), m68k)
obj-y += m68k-sim.o m68k-semi.o
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