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mention security bugs/CVEs fixed by 3.1

parent 37e77e93
qemu (1:3.1~rc5+dfsg-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* new upstream release (3.1)
* Security bugs fixed by upstream:
Closes: #910431, CVE-2018-10839:
integer overflow leads to buffer overflow issue
Closes: #911468, CVE-2018-17962
pcnet: integer overflow leads to buffer overflow
Closes: #911469, CVE-2018-17963
net: ignore packets with large size
Closes: #908682, CVE-2018-3639
qemu should be able to pass the ssbd cpu flag
Closes: #901017, CVE-2018-11806
m_cat in slirp/mbuf.c in Qemu has a heap-based buffer overflow
via incoming fragmented datagrams
Closes: #902725, CVE-2018-12617
qmp_guest_file_read in qemu-ga has an integer overflow
Closes: #907500, CVE-2018-15746
qemu-seccomp might allow local OS guest users to cause a denial of service
Closes: #915884, CVE-2018-16867
dev-mtp: path traversal in usb_mtp_write_data of the MTP
Closes: #911499, CVE-2018-17958
Buffer Overflow in rtl8139_do_receive in hw/net/rtl8139.c
because an incorrect integer data type is used
Closes: #911470, CVE-2018-18438
integer overflows because IOReadHandler and its associated functions
use a signed integer data type for a size value
Closes: #912535, CVE-2018-18849
lsi53c895a: OOB msg buffer access leads to DoS
Closes: #914604, CVE-2018-18954
pnv_lpc_do_eccb function in hw/ppc/pnv_lpc.c in Qemu before 3.1
allows out-of-bounds write or read access to PowerNV memory
Closes: #914599, CVE-2018-19364
Use-after-free due to race condition while updating fid path
Closes: #914727, CVE-2018-19489
9pfs: crash due to race condition in renaming files
* remove patches which were applied upstream
-- Michael Tokarev <> Sun, 02 Dec 2018 19:10:27 +0300
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