Commit a80a6b63 authored by Richard Henderson's avatar Richard Henderson Committed by Aurelien Jarno
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tcg: Streamline movcond_i64 using movcond_i32

When movcond_i32 is available we can further reduce the generated
op count from 12 to 6, and the generated code size on i686 from
88 to 74 bytes.

Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Henderson <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAurelien Jarno <>
parent a463133e
...@@ -2218,16 +2218,24 @@ static inline void tcg_gen_movcond_i64(TCGCond cond, TCGv_i64 ret, ...@@ -2218,16 +2218,24 @@ static inline void tcg_gen_movcond_i64(TCGCond cond, TCGv_i64 ret,
tcg_gen_op6i_i32(INDEX_op_setcond2_i32, t0, tcg_gen_op6i_i32(INDEX_op_setcond2_i32, t0,
TCGV_LOW(c2), TCGV_HIGH(c2), cond); TCGV_LOW(c2), TCGV_HIGH(c2), cond);
tcg_gen_neg_i32(t0, t0);
tcg_gen_and_i32(t1, TCGV_LOW(v1), t0); if (TCG_TARGET_HAS_movcond_i32) {
tcg_gen_andc_i32(TCGV_LOW(ret), TCGV_LOW(v2), t0); tcg_gen_movi_i32(t1, 0);
tcg_gen_or_i32(TCGV_LOW(ret), TCGV_LOW(ret), t1); tcg_gen_movcond_i32(TCG_COND_NE, TCGV_LOW(ret), t0, t1,
TCGV_LOW(v1), TCGV_LOW(v2));
tcg_gen_movcond_i32(TCG_COND_NE, TCGV_HIGH(ret), t0, t1,
} else {
tcg_gen_neg_i32(t0, t0);
tcg_gen_and_i32(t1, TCGV_HIGH(v1), t0); tcg_gen_and_i32(t1, TCGV_LOW(v1), t0);
tcg_gen_andc_i32(TCGV_HIGH(ret), TCGV_HIGH(v2), t0); tcg_gen_andc_i32(TCGV_LOW(ret), TCGV_LOW(v2), t0);
tcg_gen_or_i32(TCGV_HIGH(ret), TCGV_HIGH(ret), t1); tcg_gen_or_i32(TCGV_LOW(ret), TCGV_LOW(ret), t1);
tcg_gen_and_i32(t1, TCGV_HIGH(v1), t0);
tcg_gen_andc_i32(TCGV_HIGH(ret), TCGV_HIGH(v2), t0);
tcg_gen_or_i32(TCGV_HIGH(ret), TCGV_HIGH(ret), t1);
tcg_temp_free_i32(t0); tcg_temp_free_i32(t0);
tcg_temp_free_i32(t1); tcg_temp_free_i32(t1);
#else #else
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