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Fork for PureOS: Add README.source.

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# PureOS package maintenance
This source package is a fork from Debian
maintained using git-buildpackage.
Rebase on newer Debian release something like this,
with OLD and NEW set to Debian release versions:
# once after cloning forked source
git remote add salsa
# repeat for each rebasing
git pull origin
git fetch salsa
git reset --hard debian/$NEW
git cherry-pick debian/qemu-${OLD}..pureos/1%${OLD}pureos1~2
dch --local pureos . && gbp dch -a && dch --vendor pureos --distribution green --release
debian/rules debian/control
git commit -m "Prepare for release: Update changelog, and control file." -a
git merge --strategy ours --allow-unrelated-histories -m "Fake-merge previous PureOS fork." origin/pureos/master
-- Jonas Smedegaard <> Mon, 20 May 2019 10:18:04 +0200
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