Commit f0e3ac70 authored by Lei Li's avatar Lei Li Committed by Stefan Hajnoczi
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net: use "socket" model name for UDP sockets

Fix the problem that can not delete the udp socket.
It's caused by passing "udp" model to net_socket_udp_init,
but we do not have "udp" model in our model list.
Pass the right model "socket" to init function.

Signed-off-by: default avatarLei Li <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Hajnoczi <>
parent e5b8b0d4
......@@ -747,7 +747,7 @@ int net_init_socket(const NetClientOptions *opts, const char *name,
error_report("localaddr= is mandatory with udp=");
return -1;
if (net_socket_udp_init(peer, "udp", name, sock->udp, sock->localaddr) ==
if (net_socket_udp_init(peer, "socket", name, sock->udp, sock->localaddr) ==
-1) {
return -1;
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