Commit 2a78636b authored by Andreas Färber's avatar Andreas Färber

dump: Drop qmp_dump_guest_memory() stub and build for all targets

qmp_dump_guest_memory() calls dump_init() and returns an Error when
cpu_get_dump_info() returns an error, as done by the stub.
So there is no need to have a stub for qmp_dump_guest_memory().

Enable the documentation of the always-present dump-guest-memory command.

That way we can drop CONFIG_HAVE_CORE_DUMP and leave configure
completely out of the picture for target CPU features.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Färber <>
parent c22d8e04
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_FDT) += device_tree.o
obj-$(CONFIG_KVM) += kvm-all.o
obj-y += memory.o savevm.o cputlb.o
obj-y += memory_mapping.o
obj-$(CONFIG_HAVE_CORE_DUMP) += dump.o
obj-y += dump.o
# xen support
......@@ -4303,10 +4303,6 @@ if test "$target_bigendian" = "yes" ; then
if test "$target_softmmu" = "yes" ; then
echo "CONFIG_SOFTMMU=y" >> $config_target_mak
case "$target_arch2" in
echo "CONFIG_HAVE_CORE_DUMP=y" >> $config_target_mak
if test "$target_user_only" = "yes" ; then
echo "CONFIG_USER_ONLY=y" >> $config_target_mak
......@@ -991,7 +991,6 @@ server will ask the spice/vnc client to automatically reconnect using the
new parameters (if specified) once the vm migration finished successfully.
.name = "dump-guest-memory",
.args_type = "paging:-p,filename:F,begin:i?,length:i?",
......@@ -1015,7 +1014,6 @@ gdb.
length: the memory size, in bytes. It's optional, and should be specified
with begin together.
.name = "snapshot_blkdev",
......@@ -16,14 +16,6 @@
#include "qapi/qmp/qerror.h"
#include "qmp-commands.h"
/* we need this function in hmp.c */
void qmp_dump_guest_memory(bool paging, const char *file, bool has_begin,
int64_t begin, bool has_length, int64_t length,
Error **errp)
error_set(errp, QERR_UNSUPPORTED);
int cpu_get_dump_info(ArchDumpInfo *info)
return -1;
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