Commit 84e3b602 authored by Igor Mammedov's avatar Igor Mammedov

cleanup cpu_set_debug_excp_handler

There are no users left for previous exception handler returned from
cpu_set_debug_excp_handler. It should simplify code a little.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIgor Mammedov <>
parent eeec69dc
......@@ -156,12 +156,9 @@ static inline TranslationBlock *tb_find_fast(CPUArchState *env)
static CPUDebugExcpHandler *debug_excp_handler;
CPUDebugExcpHandler *cpu_set_debug_excp_handler(CPUDebugExcpHandler *handler)
void cpu_set_debug_excp_handler(CPUDebugExcpHandler *handler)
CPUDebugExcpHandler *old_handler = debug_excp_handler;
debug_excp_handler = handler;
return old_handler;
static void cpu_handle_debug_exception(CPUArchState *env)
......@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ tb_page_addr_t get_page_addr_code(CPUArchState *env1, target_ulong addr);
typedef void (CPUDebugExcpHandler)(CPUArchState *env);
CPUDebugExcpHandler *cpu_set_debug_excp_handler(CPUDebugExcpHandler *handler);
void cpu_set_debug_excp_handler(CPUDebugExcpHandler *handler);
/* vl.c */
extern int singlestep;
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