Commit 86158a2a authored by Christian Borntraeger's avatar Christian Borntraeger

s390x/gdb: add gs registers

Let's provide the guarded storage registers via gdb server.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarChristian Borntraeger <>
parent 21a10690
......@@ -6231,7 +6231,7 @@ case "$target_name" in
echo "TARGET_ABI32=y" >> $config_target_mak
gdb_xml_files="s390x-core64.xml s390-acr.xml s390-fpr.xml s390-vx.xml s390-cr.xml s390-virt.xml"
gdb_xml_files="s390x-core64.xml s390-acr.xml s390-fpr.xml s390-vx.xml s390-cr.xml s390-virt.xml s390-gs.xml"
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Copyright 2017 IBM Corp.
This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or
(at your option) any later version. See the COPYING file in the
top-level directory. -->
<!DOCTYPE feature SYSTEM "gdb-target.dtd">
<feature name="">
<reg name="gs_reserved" bitsize="64" type="uint64" group="system"/>
<reg name="gsd" bitsize="64" type="uint64" group="system"/>
<reg name="gssm" bitsize="64" type="uint64" group="system"/>
<reg name="gsepla" bitsize="64" type="data_ptr" group="system"/>
......@@ -286,6 +286,26 @@ static int cpu_write_virt_reg(CPUS390XState *env, uint8_t *mem_buf, int n)
/* the values represent the positions in s390-gs.xml */
#define S390_GS_GSD_REGNUM 1
#define S390_GS_GSSM_REGNUM 2
#define S390_GS_GSEPLA_REGNUM 3
/* total number of registers in s390-gs.xml */
#define S390_NUM_GS_REGS 4
static int cpu_read_gs_reg(CPUS390XState *env, uint8_t *mem_buf, int n)
return gdb_get_regl(mem_buf, env->gscb[n]);
static int cpu_write_gs_reg(CPUS390XState *env, uint8_t *mem_buf, int n)
env->gscb[n] = ldtul_p(mem_buf);
return 8;
void s390_cpu_gdb_init(CPUState *cs)
gdb_register_coprocessor(cs, cpu_read_ac_reg,
......@@ -300,6 +320,10 @@ void s390_cpu_gdb_init(CPUState *cs)
S390_NUM_VREGS, "s390-vx.xml", 0);
gdb_register_coprocessor(cs, cpu_read_gs_reg,
S390_NUM_GS_REGS, "s390-gs.xml", 0);
gdb_register_coprocessor(cs, cpu_read_c_reg,
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