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README: Update instructions for installing

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......@@ -64,11 +64,14 @@ supported Meson backend is required (e.g. ninja).
To prepare/configure the project for compilation:
# meson _build --sysconfdir=/etc
# meson _build
(Note: `--sysconfdir=/etc` is not strictly necessary, but useful if you want
to install `VVM Player` so the xdg autostart desktop file will install in
the correct place).
However, if you want to install it, run
# meson _build -Dprefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
`--sysconfdir=/etc` will install the autostart file in the correct place, and
`-Dprefix=/usr` installs `vvmplayer` in `/usr/bin/` rather than `/usr/local/bin`
To build the project:
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