Unverified Commit 42b85a07 authored by nxpfrankli's avatar nxpfrankli Committed by GitHub

update appveyor.xml to add history of uuu.pdf

put 25 wiki change history into uuu.pdf
parent 7c0b4c08
......@@ -48,7 +48,13 @@ build_script:
rename -f 's/\.asciidoc$//' *
a2x -L UUU
echo "<revhistory>" > UUU-docinfo.xml
git log -n25 --reverse --format="format:<revision><revnumber>%h</revnumber><date>%cd</date><authorinitials>%an</authorinitials><revremark>%s%n%b</revremark></revision>" >> UUU-docinfo.xml
echo "</revhistory>" >> UUU-docinfo.xml
a2x -L -a docinfo UUU
- path: uuu.exe
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