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librem5-base (3) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
* d/control: Set maintainers to librem5-maintainers
* Add scdaemon.
Needed for smartcard reader.
* Add kmscube.
Simplifies kms/drm debugging.
* Add bluez for bluetooth support
* dev-tools: Add librem5-devtools-check
librem5-devtools will not end up on the phone release image so it's o.k.
to have devkit specific stuff in there.
* gnome-phone-all: Add chatty and purple-plugin-sms
* Add xdg-user-dirs (Closes: #5)
* Don't use dark theme by default (Closes: #6)
* librem5-base-defaults: Add purism user to needed groups.
This moves over the code from image-builder so it also works
on upgrades.
* gitlab-ci: Gather build debs as artifacts
* Strip empty line.
This unbreaks the build since lintian flags this as an error
* d/control: Depend on adduser
* Use phoc by default.
We move libwlroots-examples to the dev package since the test
clients have their use (e.g. for taking automatic screenshots)
* gnome-phone: Depend on mobile-broadband-provider-info.
It's useful for g-c-c at least.
* Use adwaita-phone background (Closes: #10)
* Move schema overrides to priority 11.
Debian overrides e.g. the background at 10
* gnome-dev: Add debug packages.
Add debug packages for core libs and apps. This makes backtraces way
more useful by default.
* gnome-base: Make squeekboard the default.
There's stuff todo still lets give this some more exposure.
* gnome-all: Drop gnome-terminal.
We have kgx
* Move kgx from gnome-base-all to gnome-all
gnome-base-all should not cover any appliations but the base
for those.
* Move packages not fit for a default installation to gnome-notfit.
This allows for easy installation and for moving in potential
candidates via a staging mechanism.
The package will not be installed by default.
See: #16
* gnome-all: Add gnome-clocks.
According to
it's adaptive so it should be on the phone.
* Hide some more applications.
We want them installed but currently not shown in the menu (Closes: #16)
* Teach sdl and qt wayland.
Help those toolkits along to favour wayland over x11 (Closes: #15)
[ Bob Ham ]
* Set GSD option to not suspend when on AC power
* dev-tools: Add jitterentropy-rngd.
This works around the RNG issue linux-emcraft#2 causing SSH logins to
be inaccessible for five minutes on boot. With this package, SSH is
available immediately.
* Revert "Merge branch 'add-jitterentropy-rngd' into 'master'"
This reverts merge request !22
* base-defaults: Add PulseAudio profile for devkit.
This is a workaround for the devkit's audio not working properly with
PulseAudio (linux-emcraft#19). There is no standard "front" device
for the SGTL5000 codec so PulseAudio fails to probe the card properly
with the default profile. We create a new profile specifically for
the devkit and direct PulseAudio to use it through a udev rule.
* base-defaults: Add PulseAudio daemon.conf.d snippet to change default
sample rate.
This fixes call audio on the devkit. The stock default sample rate is
44.1 kHz and PulseAudio wants a multiple of 8 kHz due to Haegtesse.
Confusion ensues because the hardware restricts the available sample
rate in either the ADC or DAC once the other side is opened.
PulseAudio assumes that the list of available sample rates never
changes. We work around this by making the default sample rate 48
kHz, a multiple of 8 kHz.
* librem5-base-defaults: Add
This systemd unit is needed in order to cope with having both
haegtesse and wys installed at the same time. We can have the
audio unit be brought up with only a WantedBy relationship to
Systemd can resolve mutual Conflict options by favouring a unit which
is RequiredBy over one which is WantedBy. So, we can have
haegtesse.service and wys.service Conflict with each other but we
don't want to have a RequiredBy relationship with
either as that would mean will fail if the RequiredBy
unit (wys.service) fails. By inserting
between wys.service and/or haegtesse.service, we can use systemd to
resolve the Conflict option while also maintaining only a WantedBy
relationship with
* Pull in sound-theme-librem5 and set it as the default sound theme.
Closes #3
Closes calls#37
Closes Apps_Issues#139
[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]
* gnome-base: Install fonts-cantarell.
Cantarell is the default font GNOME programs use, and makes them look
* Add osk-wayland as default keyboard.
Having a place which selects the keyboard is going to be useful
immediately for making the squeekboard transition easier (osk-wayland
prefers squeekboard), and useful later for letting the user install and
choose preferred, possibly third-party, input methods.
* osk: Remove librem5 category from .desktop
[ Adrien Plazas ]
* Override the default GNOME Web search engines.
Include only the ethical DuckDuckGo and Qwant.
* Make GNOME Web have a mobile user agent.
This works on versions strictly newer than GNOME Web 3.33.2.
* Add yelp.
* Add color emoji font.
Add fonts-noto-color-emoji to support many missing emojis as well as
color emojis.
* gnome-base: Add gnome-getting-started-docs.
It will be needed by GNOME Initial Setup.
* gnome-base: Add gnome-initial-setup.
It has been ported to the Librem 5 and can now work as expected.
* gnome-all: Add gedit.
This is needed to edit CSS froom GNOME Web's preferences, otherwise a
terminal with vim will be launched, which is way less comfortable.
* gnome-all: Add gnome-software.
Install GNOME Software by default to gives us a GUI to update and
upgrade the OS, as well as a way to manage applications.
* gnome-all: Add gnome-software-plugin-flatpak.
Install the Flatpak plugin for GNOME Software by default as we want it
to support Flatpak.
* Make GNOME Web pretend to be iPhone-like.
Most websites seem to just look for the Android or iPhone strings to
show their mobile versions, so making Web pretend to be like an iPhone
makes most websites just work.
[ Zander Brown ]
* Add kgx to the base image
[ Christopher Davis ]
* gschema: Hide window control buttons.
Per the design plans for the phone, hide controls like
the close button by default.
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
* Remove SDL_VIDEODRIVER environment variable.
Turns out that it also affects SDL1, which is something we don't want.
Since we're going to have newer SDL2 packaged anyway, we can make
Wayland backend the default there.
-- Guido Günther <> Sat, 28 Sep 2019 18:32:05 +0200
librem5-base (2) purple; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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