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i.MX clock changes for 5.5:
 - Make 1443X/1416X PLL clock structure common for reusing among i.MX8
 - A couple of imx7ulp clock multiplexer option corrections.
 - Drop IMX7ULP_CLK_MIPI_PLL clock, as it's a MIPI DSI local clock and
   shouldn't be used externally.
 - Add VIDEO2_PLL clock for imx8mq which is needed by DCSS when high
   resolutions are used.
 - Add missing gate clock for pll1/2 fixed dividers on i.MX8 SoCs.
 - Register SYS_PLL1 and SYS_PLL2 as fixed clock rather than pll14xx
   type of clock.
 - Use imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw() to simplify i.MX6/7/8 clock driver code
   a little bit.
 - One cosmetic change on clk-pll14xx code to make variables static.