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i.MX clock changes for 5.6:

 - A series from Abel Vesa to do some trivial cleanups which will be
   helpful for i.MX clock driver switching to clk_hw based API.
 - A series from Anson Huang to add i.MX8MP clock driver support.
 - Disable non-functional divider between pll4_audio_div and
   pll4_post_div on imx6q.
 - Fix watchdog2 clock name typo in imx7ulp clock driver.
 - A couple of patches from Leonard Crestez to set CLK_GET_RATE_NOCACHE
   flag for DRAM related clocks on i.MX8M SoCs.
 - Suppress bind attrs for i.MX8M clock driver to avoid the possibility
   of reloading the driver at runtime.
 - Add a big comment in imx8qxp-lpcg driver to tell why
   devm_platform_ioremap_resource() shouldn't be used for the driver.
 - A correction on i.MX8MN usb1_ctrl parent clock setting.
 - A couple of trivial cleanup on clk-divider-gate driver.
 - A series from Peng Fan to convert i.MX8M clock drivers to clk_hw
   based API.