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i.MX drivers update for 5.5:
 - Skip return check for those SCU firmware APIs that are defined as
   void function in firmware.
 - Use established serial_number attribute instead of custom one to show
   SoC's unique ID for i.MX8 SoC drivers.
 - Read i.MX8MQ SOC revision from TF-A which parses ROM and exposes the
   value through a SMC call. This improves the situation that SOC
   revision reports 'unknown' on some older revisions.
 - Add a check and warn on unexpected SCU RX to avoid potential stack
   corruption in imx-scu driver.
 - Fix a sparse warning in imx-scu-irq driver by adding missing header.
 - Remove an unneeded call to devm_of_platform_populate() from imx-dsp