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i.MX device tree update for 5.6:

 - New board support: i.MX6SL based Tolino Shine 3 eBook reader,
   i.MX7ULP Embedded Artists COM Board, i.MX6Q/DL based Gateworks
   Ventana Boards.
 - A couple of series from Andrey Smirnov to enhance i.MX6 RDU2 and
   VF610 ZII boards.
 - Add revision in board compatible string for imx6sx-sdb-reva and
   imx7d-sdb-reva board.
 - A fixup on imx6sl-tolino-shine3 board to remove incorrect power
   supply assignment.
 - Set initial buck regulator modes explicitly for phycore-imx6 board,
   so that a wrong initial mode set by bootloader does not interfere.
 - Add Add LCD support for imx7d-pico board.
 - A couple of patches from Michael Grzeschik to enhance USB Host
   support on i.MX25.
 - A couple of patches from Michael Trimarchi to remove duplicate
   Ethernet PHY reset properties on imx6qdl-icore and switch to
 - A couple of changes to add extirq node support on LS1021A SoC and
   make use of it on the LS1021A-TSN board.
 - A few random device additions and improvements on various boards.