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i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.5:
 - Add the initial support for a new arm64 family SoC from NXP:
   S32V234 ("Treerunner") vision microprocessors which are targeted for
   high-performance, computationally intensive vision and sensor fusion
   applications that require automotive safety levels.
 - New board support: i.MX8MN LPDDR4 EVK, i.MX8QXP Colibri and
   S32V234 EVB.
 - A series of patch from Andrey Smirnov to improve zii-ultra support by
   fixing regulator and adding accelerometer, switch watchdog.
 - Add system counter device and enable cpuidle support for i.MX8MN.
 - Move usdhc clocks assignment from SoC to board level DTS for
   i.MX8 based boards.
 - Add PCA6416 on I2C3 bus for imx8mm-evk, and enable SCU key for
   imx8qxp-mek board.
 - Enable GPU passive throttling on i.MX8MQ SoC, and add DDR PMU device
   for i.MX8MN.
 - A series from Fabio Estevam to fix DTC W=1 warnings for LS1028A device.
 - Update the clock providers for the Mali DP500 and '#clock-cells' of
   DPCLK node for LS1028A SoC.
 - Misc small updates on various boards.