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i.MX fixes for 5.6:

 - Build v7_cpu_resume() unconditionally to fix system hang in case that
   suspend is disabled but cpuidle support is enabled.
 - Drop unexisting Ethernet PHY device from imx8qxp-mek board.
 - Fix SRAM compatible strings on imx6dl-colibri-eval-v3 board.
 - Fix imx-scu driver to make sure that all messages words are written
 - A series from Leonard Crestez to fix i.MX SC API users, having all
   messages aligned on 4 bytes.
 - Fix eMMC supply for phycore-som board.
 - Drop bogus frequency setting from imx7-colibri SD/MMC device, so that
   HS200 mode starts working and delivers better performance.
 - Fix opp-supported-hw for i.MX7D to get consumer and industrial parts
   work with correct frequency settings.
 - Restore MDIO compatible to the correct one for LS1021A SoC.