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phosh (0.1.0) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Zander Brown ]
* app-grid: align top
* overview: focus styling, follow focus
* app-grid: enter activates first app search result.
* app-grid: hint app that will launch on enter
* notifications: support images, bring styles close to design
* notifications: add actions.
This means firefox doesn't complain anymore and actions are clickable
* notifications: handle display scaling and rotation
* notifications: slide down from top
* tools: test notification sender
* notifications: emit notify::app-info
* apps: display name not display name.
This makes sure apps have the same name as in shell
[ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]
* overview: Remove close on click.
It's triggered wher swiping PhoshPaginator. I'm not sure this is wanted
from design standpoint anyway, so remove it for now.
* overview: Use paginator for switching apps
[ Guido Günther ]
* polkit-auth-agent: Allow to cancel dialog via escape key.
I've seen gnome-shell users hitting that a lot.
* system-prompt: Allow to cancel dialog via escape key.
I've seen gnome-shell users hitting that a lot.
* notify-manager: Handle org.gnome.desktop.notifications show-banners.
This allows to globally enable / disable message bunners aka
'notification popups' as gnome-control-center calls them. (Closes: #167)
* build: sort source alphabetically
* session: Reindent.
Reindent according to coding style
* Add fader that fades from transparent to almost black.
We might want to make this more flexible later so we can also use
it for the fade in animation on startup.
* session: Use fader on shutdown.
This gives immediate visual feedback.
* main: Fade out on sigterm
* po: Update translatable files
* session: Only show fader on EndSession.
QueryEndSession only asks for a shutdown, we don't want to fade
in that case.
* Kill fader after 15 seconds
if we can't shut down promptly kill the fader instead of leaving
the shell in an unusable state.
* auth: Unconditionally set pamh to NULL.
Don't do it only in the successful case since the handle is
not useful afterwards and later calls might otherwise reuse the handle.
Also don't use the handle in the error path after pam_end.
* rootston.ini: Remove 'binding' section.
This is now handled via gsettings and triggers a warning
on phoc startup.
* po: Update translatable files
* po: Update translations from zanata
[ Julian Sparber ]
* Lockscreen: Give visual feedback on wrong password.
This makes the dots shake when the user enters a wrong password
* Lockscreen: add hack to remove # and * form the keypad
* Lockscreen: Style keypad buttons.
Fixes: phoc#18
* AppGrid: make search case insensitive.
Fixes: #186
* AppGrid: Make line below favorites darker and thiner
fixes #182
* AppGrid: use a revealer to hide the favorites when search is started
fixes: #185
* AppGrid: increase spacing around line below favorites
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
* PhoshBackgroundManager: Divide the background size by scale.
Without this the background surface buffer is needlessly oversized,
putting unnecesary load on the GPU.
* toplevel: Add "activated" property and its getter
* overview: Scroll to currently focused activity
* style: Remove unnecessary blending.
GTK uses software rendering and pixman isn't optimized on aarch64.
This makes blending huge surfaces pretty expensive - and there's
no reason to do that if we're blending black on black anyway.
This makes fullscreen scrolling in app drawer way smoother.
[ Hysterical Raisins ]
* AppGrid: hide favorites on search
- conserve vertical screen space (which will be at a premium when both osk
and overview are visible at the same time)
- blend in favorites when searching
Fixes phosh#177
* NotifyManager: plug a leak in variant iteration
* AppGrid: Don't activate first item unless search has focus.
Fixes #177 (for real this time)
* AppGrid: Correct return types for focus events
* AppGrid: plug casefold leaks.
Fixes #190
[ Tobias Bernard ]
* Style: prettier search bar
- Minor styling changes (rounded corners, more padding)
- Add placeholder text
* Style: adjust margins around search bar and favorites.
Fixes an issue with icons being cut-off only on the sides
when scrolling.
* Minor: fix ellipsis and string in search placeholder
-- Guido Günther <> Mon, 30 Sep 2019 10:54:01 +0200
phosh (0.0.4) purple; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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