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Document changes and release 0.4.1

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phosh (0.4.1) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
* wifimanager: Make variable name match property. Otherwise it's confusing
what it refers too.
* wifimanager: Compare to the old state rather than the probed state. Emit
property changes when the old and new state differ not when our state
differs from detected devices.
* shell: Attach to primary monitors configured signal. This allows us to
emit the 'rotated' signal when it really happened.
* rotateinfo: Mark orientations as translatable
* rotateinfo: Take display geometry into account.
We assumed portrait from the very beginning but that's not correct
on laptops and TVs. (Closes: #326)
* shell: Undo rotation on startup.
This makes sure we get an unrotated shell in any case
(e.g. if phosh crashes in landscape mode) (Closes: #265)
* monitor: Fix several gtk-doc strings.
This fixes some of the warnings during doc generation
* background: Load image async.
This avoids blocking on I/O.
* background: Avoid updating the background twice.
Only update the settings on layer-surface configure but wait for the
monitor::configured signal before drawing anything.
This avoids drawing the background twice on each rotation causing even
more flicker.
* background-manager: Tell background about it's scale
gtk_widget_get_scale_factor gives us the wrong value with multiple
outputs of different scale.
* background: Skip any image loading if layer surface isn't configured.
There's no point to waste resources and we don't have valid dimensios
and it breaks the tests.
* wifiinfo: Sync initial state.
The downside of not using a property binding is that we need to
do that on our own.
* monitor-manager: Set logical position.
This makes the monitor layout in g-c-c match what the compositor thinks
it is so monitors are displayed next to each other rather than over
each other.
* build: Move all dependency() calls to top level build file
* Bluetooth quick setting and status indicator
* background: Avoid warning on NULL pixbuf.
* wwan-mm: Connect to modem async
* wwaninfo: Use operator name as detail.
This gives us the operator name in quick settings
[ Julian Sparber ]
* AppGrid: Don't set the focus to AppGridButton when clicking on them.
Set the property `focus-on-click` to TRUE so that we don't show the blue
border and don't set the focus to the AppGridButton when clicking on
[ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
* po: Update Turkish translation
[ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
* po: Update Romanian translation
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
[ scootergrisen ]
* po: Update Danish translation
[ Balázs Meskó ]
* po: Update Hungarian translation
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
* overview: Clean up unneeded size checks.
-- Guido Günther <> Mon, 06 Jul 2020 10:25:20 +0200
phosh (0.4.0) amber-phone; urgency=high
[ Guido Günther ]
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