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Document changes and release 0.0.3

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phosh (0.0.3) purple; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
* IdleManager: Use G_GUINT64_FORMAT.
We missed that one. This breaks the build on armhf.
* Monitor: Save transform too
* Monitor: Allow to detect flipped outputs
* Monitor: Allow to get rotation by degrees
* Shell: Determine usable area by output transform.
Instead of looking at our rotation property look at the monitors actual
transform instead. (Closes: #55)
* MonitorMnager: Report transform too
* MonitorManager: Fix formatting
* Shell: Fix type of 'rotation' property
* Shell: Derive rotation property from primary monitor's rotation.
This way they can never get out of sync.
* Shell: Setup a primary monitor after probing outputs.
This way we don't have to make any assumptions. We don't do this via
set_primary_monitor since we don't want to trigger panel recreation to
avoid flickering.
* Settings: Switch shutdown and lockscreen.
This matche gnome-shell's layout.
* Settings: Make sure the buttons stay circular
* MonitorManager: Specify integer types in g_variant_builder_add.
This makes sure we treat guint64 correctly.
* App: Don't print title if it's identical to the appplications name.
This avoids printing the same thing twice.
* rooston.ini: Drop scale=2.
We had this for the testing the OLED displays. The devkit has a separte
HDMI to attach large screens.
* gitignore tag files
* Fix URLs and copyright holder.
We moved repos a while ago
* rootston.ini: Scale rootston on DSI-1 output.
The devkit's LCD panel is DSI-1 and we want scaled output there.
* session: Remove incorrect error parameter in DBus call
* run: Allow to skip gnome-session.
It's not always needed and floods the CI logs
* ci: Skip gnome-session for valgrind run.
This makes the logs better readable and we don't need it there.
* meson: Print phosh version as well
* run: Use glib's valgrind suppressions as well
* settings: Add separate meson file.
It's better to track sources per directory.
* Settings: Simplify rotate evaluation
* Add gvc submodule.
This submodule will be used for volume control. It's also used
by gnome-shell and g-c-c.
* Wire up output volume control.
Based on gvc-channel-bar from gnome-control-center. We'll split this out
of settings.c once we handle more volume controls.
* ci: Drop valgrind run until we have more RAM.
It seems the build node drops out atm
* settings: Make settings use the full screen width.
Wrap it in a HdyColumn for that to not look totally out of place
on large screens.
* Remove some unused components from the session.
This brings down the number of X11 dependencies and drops things that
crash frequently (although unused). We can add these back later once
needed and when the necessary wayland protocols are in place.
* Favorites: Use a GtkBox instead of a GtkFloxBox for running apps.
This allows to scroll vertically
* rootston.ini: Map seat to DSI-1 instead of HDMI.
This makes rotation work and it's far more likely to be used on the LCD
atm. This needs a proper fix in the compositor to be better at input
mapping (
* gitlab-ci: Build debs too
* shell: Prefer dark theme.
* PhoshWayland: Add and use phosh_wayland_roundtrip.
Based on a patch by Simon Ser.
* PhoshLockscreenManager: Add missing chain up in constructed()
* PhoshLockscreenManager: Drop unused parent
* PhoshWwanInfo: Fix callback signature.
We don't use the other params but it's better to have this correct.
* PhoshWwanInfo: Simplify signal handler disconnects
* PhoshPanel: Fix element order.
This makes glade happy so we get no diff when saving.
* top-panel.ui: Fix indentation
* PhoshShell: Delay gui setup.
If we do it in an idle callback we're sure the shell object is already
there so we have all the managers at our disposal to e.g. connect
widgets to them.
* PhoshShell: Make custom widget types known.
This makes sure we can use them in UI files independent from any loading
* Add PhoshWifiManager.
This keeps track of the wifi devices by interfacing with NetworkManager
and gets the current signal ruality. We delay it's creation until it's
We can later on add support for ad-hoc networks.
* Add PhoshWifiInfo widget.
This connects to the wifi manager to display the current wifi state.
Using it in the panel is then just a matter of adding it to the ui file.
* PhoshLockScreen: Display wifi status.
Hook the wifi status into the lockscreen too
Use the WifiInfo widget here too. (Closes: #10)
* d/control: Build-dep on at-spi2-core.
On the devkit we don't pull in recommends but GTK+ wants it to run the
tests in a meaningfull way.
* Add HACKING to clarify coding style and other matters
* README: Add pipeline status
* README: Make sure build-deps are up to date.
Use the tested list from d/control instead of hardcoding it.
* PhoshMonitor: Emit signal when monitor is fully configured.
Emit a signal when we received all of the configuration data from
the compositor.
* PhoshMonitor: Update comment
* PhoshMonitorManager: Fix function declartion.
Use a better variable name.
* PhoshWayland: Maintain outputs in hash table.
This duplicates the static wl_ouput GPtrArray which will be removed
at the end of this series.
* PhoshWayland: listen for outputs going away
* PhoshWayland: Add functions to query outputs
* PhoshMonitorManager: Pick up changed wl_outputs
and signal when we added/removed a monitor. (Closes: #46)
* Move initial handling from PhoshShell to PhoshMonitorManager.
This move wl_output processing into the one place that has a way better
idea what to do.
* PhoshWayland: Kill the GPtrArray in favour of the GHashTable
* LockScreenManager: Listen for monitor changes (Closes: #51)
* PhoshLockscreenManager: simplify signal disconnects
* Use #pragma in all headers
* Add PhoshOskManager.
Class to handle OSK interaction.
* PhoshShell: Add PhoshOskManager
* PhoshOskButton: Use PhoshOskManager.
Don't dupliate code that is in PhoshOskManager and keep the DBus
interaction in one place.
* PhoshOskButton: Drop private data
* PhoshShell: Add getter for lockscreen manager
* PhoshOskManager: Hide keyboard on screen lock (Closes: #75)
* PhoshShell: Close OSK when displaying favorites or settings (Closes: #81)
* README: Prefer wlroot's X11 backend when nested.
This one gets the window size right.
* rooston.ini: Use the phone's resolution with the X11 backend
* PhoshLockScreen: Only show clock on the lock screen.
We don't want date or weekday there. (Closes: #85)
* helpers: Make it simple to use glade with PhoshLayerShells.
Temporarily replace the PhoshLayerShell by a GtkWindow known to glade.
We could extend the glade-catalog but this way doesn't require any
special setup.
* rootston.ini: Don't scale X11 display.
This helps people with screens that don't have 1440 vertical pixels.
* Prefer phoc over rootston
* PhoshLayerSurface: Don't use gtk_widget_show_all()
gtk_widget_show ought to be enough. Widgets need to setup themselfes
* Become a policy kit authentiation agent.
Somewhat based on gnome-shell's implementation. (Closes: #22)
* debian: Add dependency so we can be a polkit auth agent
* pot: Update translatable strings
* Update translations from zanata
* rootston.ini: Fix horizontal resolution.
We have 360 not only 320 pixels.
Thanks to Zander Brown
* Lockshield: Use black background too
* Lockscreen: Make arrows a bit thinner
* Home: Make center button expand again.
This unbreaks clicking the home bar. Otherwise only the image
itself would be sensitive.
* css: Add unit to font size.
Silences a gtk warning.
* PhoshWWanInfo: Drop priv.
We're not going to derive from it and this makes the code simpler.
* PhoshWWanInfo: Allow to set icon size
* rooston.ini: Set window size for wayland as well
* README: Fix some wording
* README: Don't special case running nested on x11
wayland works too.
[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]
* build: Use the right path to the source.
Tests wouldn't build if the build directory was outside of the source
* build: Remove duplicated gio dependency
[ emersion ]
* Update the wlr-layer-shell-unstable-v1 protocol
* PhoshWayland: Add wlr_output_manager v1 protocol.
We don't make the lack of that protocol fatal atm since the rootston
currently on the devkit doesn't have that code yet.
[ Zander Brown ]
* Make top and home-bar black.
[ Tobias Bernard ]
* Top panel: equal spacing on icons on left and right
* Top panel: make time bold
* Settings menu: Black background, simplified styling
* Lock screen: black background, margin fixes, thinner clock font
* Minor: Change "PIN" to "Passcode"
* Home bar: use custom, wider swipe arrow icon
* Home bar: move keyboard button to the right
* Home bar: rounded, smaller OSK button
* Lockscreen: replace HdyArrows with a an image + CSS animation
* Settings menu: add button outlines, improve spacing
* Minor: better top bar clock style class name
* Top bar: make status icons 16px
-- Guido Günther <> Wed, 19 Jun 2019 09:07:57 +0200
phosh (0.0.2) purple; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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