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README: Don't special case running nested on x11

wayland works too.
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......@@ -54,26 +54,22 @@ There are some thorough tests not run during CI which can e.g. be run via
## Running
### Running from the source tree
When running from the source tree start the compositor *rootston*. Then start
*phosh* using:
When running from the source tree start the compositor *[phoc][]*
(*[rootston][]* will do as well). Then start *phosh* using:
_build/run -U
or in one command:
../wlroots/_build/rootston/rootston -E '_build/run -U' -C ./data/rootston.ini
../phoc/_build/run -E '_build/run -U' -C ./data/rootston.ini
This will make sure the needed gsettings schema is found. The '-U' option makes
sure the shell is not locked on startup so you can test with arbitrary
This works on hardware as well as nested on other desktop environments. The
result should look something like this:
If you're not running natively on hardware but nested e.g. for development
under GNOME make sure rootston uses the X11 backend so the window scales
correctly to the Librem5's size:
WLR_BACKENDS=x11 ../wlroots/_build/rootston/rootston -E '_build/run -U' -C ./data/rootston.ini
For that it doesn't matter if you're using GNOME's Wayland or X11 session.
### Running from the Debian packages
If installed via the Debian packages you can also run phosh as a gnome-session.
......@@ -110,3 +106,5 @@ For details see the [developer documentation](
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