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Document changes and release 0.3.0

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phosh (0.3.0) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Arnaud Ferraris ]
* monitor: add "power-mode" property.
In order to be able to notify other objects when the power state of a
monitor changes, this commit adds a `power-mode` property to the monitor
* shell: lock screen when builtin monitor is powered off
* src: fix typos
* phosh.service: don't hardcode user name.
In order to allow the user to change the default username, use the UID
instead of the username.
* po: fix French translation.
This patch fixes the long date format on the lockscreen.
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
* polkit-auth-prompt: Use symbolic icon
[ Guido Günther ]
* settings: Drop PhoshSettingsPrivate.
We'll never derive from that widget so drop the indirections.
* settings: Ensure types during class_init.
No need to do so during each instance creation.
* panel: Drop unused height getter
* shell: Move settings into top bar widget.
This will allow us to drop the xdg popup code.
(Closes: #155, #216)
* shell: Drop xdg popup handling.
We don't use it atm and if we need popups again we want to wrap
them in proper objects.
* panel: Set keyboard interactivity.
This allows us for keyboard navigation in the settings menu
* panel: Disallow focus on panel widgets.
We only want to keyboard navigate settings
* settings: Fix QuickSetting keyboard focus behaviour.
We set each QuickSetting to not-focusable since we otherwise
have to press TAB twice on each button: once for the flowbox
focus and one for the button focus.
To trigger the QuickSetting we wire up the FlowBox's `child-activated`
* panel: Close settings menu on ESC and when clicking/touching into empty
* smoketest: Keep phoc around.
Phoc changed to exit after the session exited but the smoke tests rely on
a running compositor so keep it around to parse some parameters.
* po: Last time sync from zanata.
We're switching to GNOME infra.
* README: Point to GNOMEs translation system
* panel: Drop superfluous gettext define.
We have gi18n.h for that.
* monitor: Allow to set power save mode.
This allows to set a monitors power save mode:
OFF: monitor is turned off
ON: monitor is turned on
We don't use the constants from the wayland protocol
to not leak the implementation.
* Process enums for monitor.h too.
They will be used in the following commit
* shell: Add method to turn on power saving.
This method can be used to turn power saving on or off.
Currently it only turn on power saving for the display but
this can be extended in the future.
* monitor: Use PhoshMonitorPowerSaveMode enum.
This makes sure we treat the wayland protocol enum as internal
to the monitor implementation.
* monitor-manager: Remove unused PowerSaveMode
* panel: Add a GtkStack to switch top bar.
The top bar has a different content when the settings menu is
unfolded. Add a stack for that.
* panel: Move shutdown to power popover
* Move power off from settings menu to top bar
* Move lock screen button to power popover
* session: Add logout.
Since we don't have a logout dialog yet we don't ask gnome-session
to show one either.
* panel: Wire up logout (Closes: #234)
* settings: Drop button to launch settings.
This frees up space for the notification area.
* panel: Keep settings widget around.
This avoids e.g. a jumpy volume slider when unfolding the
settings menu. We manage it outside the stack for later gesture support.
* wifimanager: Avoid excessive g_strdup() on signal strength changes.
Suggested by Zander Brown.
* wwaninfo: Avoid excessive g_strdup() on signal strength changes
* status-icon: Don't leak icon name
phosh_status_icon_get_icon_name() returns a copy so we need to
free it and also can't compare by address.
* tests: Test phosh_status_icon_set_icon_name()
* gitlab-ci: Barf on files with translations but not in
* po: Add files not needing translations to POTFILES.skip
* po: Sort alphabetically
* po: Add missing source file (Closes: #305)
* po: Update pot file
* gitlab-ci: Allow to skip build and test.
Sometimes we just want a package (e.g. when only changing the packaging or
when we're sure(tm) we didn't break anything). Hence allo to skip the
build and test stages via `PKG_ONLY = 1`
* data: Rename compositor config to phoc.ini.
* data: phoc.ini: Don't fall back to rootston.
This gives confusing error messages when e.g. phoc is not installed.
* data: phoc.ini: Honor WLR_BACKENDS.
* settings: Hide notification box when empty
* notification-tray: Move style closer to designs.
Use a gray background for the tray and no drop shadows for individual
* settings: Close settings after acting on the last notification
* feedback-manager: Add helper to trigger async feedback.
We don't pass the manager itself since it's not needed.
* home: Emit feedback event on home bar press
* overview: Trigger feedback on window close
* panel: Trigger feedback when top bar is clicked.
This can go away once we have gestures in place.
* app-grid: Provide haptic feedback on app launch
* shell: Avoid signal emission when shell is already locked.
LockscreenManager got this right but the shell would emit a signal on
every invcation although the state would not change.
* MonitorManager: Use wlr-power-manager to set handle GNOMEs power_save_mode
requests. This allows the screen to blank when g-s-d thinks so.
* shell: powersave: Just lock the screen.
With the monitor-manager's PowerSaveMode wired up it's enough to lock
the screen to make g-s-d then tell us to blank the screen.
This makes sure compositor, shell and g-s-d have the same idea about
the screen state.
[ Efstathios Iosifidis ]
* Update Greek translation
[ Rafael Fontenelle ]
* phosh.doap: fix URL to source code repository
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
[ Danial Behzadi ]
* Add Persian Translation
* Add Persian to Linguas
[ Zander Brown ]
* utils: phosh_clear_handler, g_clear_handler for older GLib.
This can go away once we dep on 2.62
* notification-frame: fix a leak when header tapped
get_item returns a reference which we weren't dropping causing some
notifications to live forever
* notification: store the urgency/transient/resident/category hints
urgency/transient/resident modify the behaviour of the message tray
category is included for completeness, we may never use it
(sound hints are still ignored as we don't declare support for it)
* notifications: a model for notifications from a single source
* notifications: keep a list of notifications
* tests: test the new notification models
* notifications: maintain a message list
expired notifications are no longer automatically dismissed
* notifications: add list to settings drop-down
* tools: explain notify-[blocks/server-standalone] use
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* Update Ukrainian translation
[ Yi-Jyun Pan ]
* i18n: zh_TW: update translation
-- Guido Günther <> Tue, 19 May 2020 08:08:34 +0200
phosh (0.2.2) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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