Commit 29ad14c7 authored by Michal Ciesielski's avatar Michal Ciesielski Committed by Martijn Braam
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Read slider value when changing from auto to manual

The user might have moved the slider while in Auto. When exiting Auto
mode the value and the slider will be desynced. This change syncs the
value with the slider position when entering Manual mode.
parent cd1d0308
...@@ -454,6 +454,26 @@ on_control_auto_toggled(GtkToggleButton *widget, gpointer user_data) ...@@ -454,6 +454,26 @@ on_control_auto_toggled(GtkToggleButton *widget, gpointer user_data)
} }
if (has_changed) { if (has_changed) {
// The slider might have been moved while Auto mode is active. When entering
// Manual mode, first read the slider value to sync with those changes.
double value = gtk_adjustment_get_value(control_slider);
switch (current_control) {
if (value != gain) {
gain = (int)value;
// So far all sensors use exposure time in number of sensor rows
int new_exposure =
(int)(value / 360.0 * camera->capture_mode.height);
if (new_exposure != exposure) {
exposure = new_exposure;
update_io_pipeline(); update_io_pipeline();
draw_controls(); draw_controls();
} }
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