Authored by Guido Gunther


We're building several images categorized by 'os', 'board' and 'kernel freshness' available at


  • buster+ci: Debian buster plus packages of our software that is built on commit (most recent, can break any time)
  • amber-phone-staging: Pureos amber plus packages of releases of our software
  • amber-phone: Pureos amber plus packages of our software that waited 3 days in amber-phone-staging and that has all dependencies fulfilled in amber-phone (oldest software, most solid)

Bugs in amber-phone and in amber-phone-staging should be marked as found in the respective releases:


  • devkit: the l5 developent kit
  • librem5: the phone
  • ​qemu-x86_64: amd64 image running in qemu

kernel freshness

  • next: experimental kernel (wget fetched)
  • current: the kernel that should currently be used (wget fetched)
  • legacy: an old kernel, kept around to diagnose regressions (wget fetched)
  • plain: just the plain kernel from the debian/pureos archive (will apply to uboot as well later on once packaged (
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