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    Add basic functionality for image previewing · eb17636a
    Nathan van Beelen authored
    Add RecyclerView to MediasPreviewerActivity
    Add Toolbar to MediasPreviewerActivity
    Improve the layout of MediasPreviewerActivity
    Add support for videos and gifs
    Also changed the name of ImagePreviewAdapter to a more general name,
    namely: MediasPreviewAdapter
    Add general case for unsupported filetypes
    Remove the border around the CardView
    Properly handle camera URI
    Make the previewer optional
    Update code to most recent develop
    Fix lint error
    Remove forbidden patterns
    Describe changes of PR and sign off
    Signed-off-by: Nathan van Beelen <nathan at vanbeelen dot org>
    Replace tab indentation with spaces
    Remove forbidden pattern
    Improve the code
    Rename the Activity and Adapter
    Also correct an incorrect reference to the ItemPositionChangeListener method.
    Show filename for all files
    Rename the layout file of the media previewer
    Properly resize content in the WebView
    Improve the code further
    Add and update comments
    Further improve the code