Commit fe4b6e80 authored by Morgan McMillian's avatar Morgan McMillian
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xep-0313: use default archive preference from server

The user message archiving default retrieved from the server should be
maintained and not overridden.
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......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ cb_mam_query_prefs(JabberStream *js, const char *from,
if(type == JABBER_IQ_RESULT && prefs) {
const char *srv_def = xmlnode_get_attrib(prefs, "default");
const char *clt_def = chatty_mam_get_chat_prefs(pa, from, MAM_DEF_ROSTER);
const char *clt_def = chatty_mam_get_chat_prefs(pa, from, srv_def);
if(g_strcmp0(clt_def, srv_def)) {
JabberIq *iq = jabber_iq_new(js, JABBER_IQ_SET);
prefs = xmlnode_new_child(iq->node, "prefs");
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