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# Persian translation for calls.
# Copyright (C) 2020 calls's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the calls package.
# Danial Behzadi <>, 2020.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: calls master\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-04-26 03:34+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-04-26 11:56+0000\n"
"Language-Team: Persian <>\n"
"Language: fa\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.3\n"
#: src/calls-application.c:308 src/calls-main-window.c:112
#: src/ui/call-window.ui:11 src/ui/main-window.ui:8
msgid "Calls"
msgstr "تماس‌ها"
#: src/calls-application.c:513
msgid "The name of the plugin to use for the call Provider"
msgstr "نام افزایهٔ استفاده‌شده برای فراهم‌کنندهٔ تماس"
#: src/calls-application.c:514
msgid "PLUGIN"
msgstr "PLUGIN"
#: src/calls-application.c:519
msgid "Whether to present the main window on startup"
msgstr "این که پنجرهٔ اصلی در شروع نمایان شود یا خیر"
#: src/calls-application.c:525
msgid "Dial a number"
msgstr "شماره‌ای بگیرید"
#: src/calls-application.c:526
msgid "NUMBER"
msgstr "NUMBER"
#: src/calls-best-match.c:487
msgid "View"
msgstr "نما"
#: src/calls-best-match.c:488
msgid "The CallsBestMatchView to monitor"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-best-match.c:494 src/calls-call.c:139 src/calls-party.c:186
msgid "Name"
msgstr "نام"
#: src/calls-best-match.c:495
msgid "The display name of the best match"
msgstr "نام نمایشی بهترین تطبیق"
#: src/calls-call.c:123 src/calls-call-record.c:206
msgid "Inbound"
msgstr "داخلی"
#: src/calls-call.c:124
msgid "Whether the call is inbound"
msgstr "این که تماس داخلی است یا خیر"
#: src/calls-call.c:131 src/calls-party.c:193
msgid "Number"
msgstr "شماره"
#: src/calls-call.c:132
msgid "The number the call is connected to if known"
msgstr "شماره‌ای که تماس به آن وصل است، در صورت شناخته بودن"
#: src/calls-call.c:140
msgid "The name of the party the call is connected to, if the network provides it"
msgstr "نام جایی که تماس به آن وصل است، در صورت فراهم شدن به دست شبکه"
#: src/calls-call.c:147
msgid "State"
msgstr "وضعیت"
#: src/calls-call.c:148
msgid "The current state of the call"
msgstr "وضعیت فعلی تماس"
#: src/calls-call-data.c:136 src/calls-call-holder.c:157
msgid "Call"
msgstr "تماس"
#: src/calls-call-data.c:137
msgid "The call"
msgstr "تماس"
#: src/calls-call-data.c:143
msgid "Party"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-call-data.c:144 src/calls-encryption-indicator.c:129
msgid "The party participating in the call"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-call-display.c:245
msgid "Calling..."
msgstr "در حال تماس…"
#: src/calls-call-display.c:598
msgid "Call data"
msgstr "داده‌های تماس"
#: src/calls-call-display.c:599
msgid "Data for the call this display will be associated with"
msgstr "داده‌ها برای تماسی که این نمایشگر به آن مرتبط است"
#: src/calls-call-holder.c:158
msgid "The call to hold"
msgstr "تماس برای انتظار"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:189
msgid "ID"
msgstr "شناسه"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:190
msgid "The row ID"
msgstr "شناسهٔ ردیف"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:198
msgid "Target"
msgstr "هدف"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:199
msgid "The PTSN phone number or other address of the call"
msgstr "شمارهٔ تلفن PTSN یا دیگر نشانی‌های تماس"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:207
msgid "Whether the call was an inbound call"
msgstr "این که تماس داخلی بود یا خیر"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:214
msgid "Start"
msgstr "شروع"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:215
msgid "Time stamp of the start of the call"
msgstr "برچسب زمانی شروع تماس"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:222
msgid "Answered"
msgstr "پاسخ‌گرفته"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:223
msgid "Time stamp of when the call was answered"
msgstr "برچسب زمانی هنگام پاسخ دادن به تماس"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:230
msgid "End"
msgstr "پایان"
#: src/calls-call-record.c:231
msgid "Time stamp of the end of the call"
msgstr "برچسب زمانی پایان تماس"
#: src/calls-call-record-row.c:103
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-call-record-row.c:505
msgid "Record"
msgstr "ضبط"
#: src/calls-call-record-row.c:506
msgid "The call record for this row"
msgstr "ضبط تماس برای این ردیف"
#: src/calls-call-record-row.c:512 src/calls-history-box.c:202
#: src/calls-main-window.c:314 src/ui/main-window.ui:56
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "آشنایان"
#: src/calls-call-record-row.c:513 src/calls-history-box.c:203
#: src/calls-main-window.c:315
msgid "Interface for libfolks"
msgstr "واسط libfolks"
#: src/calls-call-selector-item.c:174
msgid "Call holder"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-call-selector-item.c:175
msgid "The holder for this call"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-encryption-indicator.c:128
msgid "Encrypted"
msgstr "رمزنگاری شده"
#: src/calls-history-box.c:195
msgid "model"
msgstr "مدل"
#: src/calls-history-box.c:196
msgid "The data store containing call records"
msgstr "محل ذخیرهٔ داده، شاما ضبط تماس‌هاست"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:113
msgid "translator-credits"
msgstr "دانیال بهزادی <>"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:176
msgid "Can't place calls: No SIM card"
msgstr "نمی‌توان تماس برقرار کرد: بدون سیم‌کارت"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:181
msgid "Can't place calls: No backend service"
msgstr "نمی‌توان تماس برقرار کرد: بدون خدمت پشتانه"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:185
msgid "Can't place calls: No plugin"
msgstr "نمی‌توان تماس برقرار کرد: بدون افزایه"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:213 src/ui/call-display.ui:270
msgid "Dial Pad"
msgstr "صفحهٔ شماره‌گیری"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:223
msgid "Recent"
msgstr "اخیر"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:307
msgid "Record store"
msgstr "ذخیرهٔ ضبط"
#: src/calls-main-window.c:308
msgid "The store of call records"
msgstr "محل ذخیرهٔ ضبط‌های تماس"
#: src/calls-party.c:187
msgid "The party's name"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-party.c:194
msgid "The party's telephone number"
msgstr ""
#: src/calls-provider.c:70
msgid "Status"
msgstr "وضعیت"
#: src/calls-provider.c:71
msgid "A text string describing the status for display to the user"
msgstr "متنی که وضعیت را برای نمایش به کاربر شرح می‌دهد"
#: src/calls-ringer.c:204
msgid "Incoming call"
msgstr "تماس ورودی"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:33
msgid "Incoming phone call"
msgstr "تماس تلفنی ورودی"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:124
msgid "Mute"
msgstr "بی‌صدا"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:159
msgid "Speaker"
msgstr "بلندگو"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:193
msgid "Add call"
msgstr "افزودن تماس"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:236
msgid "Hold"
msgstr "انتظار"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:326
msgid "Hang up"
msgstr "قطع تماس"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:357
msgid "Answer"
msgstr "پاسخ"
#: src/ui/call-display.ui:439
msgid "Hide the dial pad"
msgstr "نهفتن صفحهٔ شماره‌گیری"
#: src/ui/call-record-row.ui:65
msgid "Call the party"
msgstr ""
#: src/ui/call-selector-item.ui:31
msgid "+441234567890"
msgstr "+441234567890"
#: src/ui/call-selector-item.ui:44
msgid "On hold"
msgstr "در حال انتظار"
#: src/ui/encryption-indicator.ui:23
msgid "This call is not encrypted"
msgstr "تماس رمزنگاری نشده است"
#: src/ui/encryption-indicator.ui:45
msgid "This call is encrypted"
msgstr "تماس رمزنگاری شده است"
#: src/ui/history-box.ui:23
msgid "No Recent Calls"
msgstr "هیج تماس اخیری نیست"
#: src/ui/history-header-bar.ui:8
msgid "Recent Calls"
msgstr "تماس‌های اخیر"
#: src/ui/history-header-bar.ui:21
msgid "New call…"
msgstr "تماس جدید…"
#. Translators: tooltip for the application menu button
#: src/ui/history-header-bar.ui:40
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "فهرست"
#: src/ui/history-header-bar.ui:71
msgid "About Calls"
msgstr "دربارهٔ تماس‌ها"
#: src/ui/main-window.ui:36
msgid "No modem found"
msgstr "هیچ مودمی پیدا نشد"
#: src/ui/new-call-box.ui:101
msgid "Dial"
msgstr "شماره‌گیری"
#: src/ui/new-call-box.ui:129
msgid "Backspace through number"
msgstr "پس‌بر در شماره"
#: src/ui/new-call-header-bar.ui:8
msgid "New Call"
msgstr "تماس جدید"
#: src/ui/new-call-header-bar.ui:21
msgid "Back"
msgstr "بازگشت"
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