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SIP provider

Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras requested to merge (removed):wip/sip-provider into master

This commit brings basic SIP integration as a calls plugin. I could probably keep on adding and refining in my private branch but as it's a larger change and should provide a solid basis to build on why not just have it. This will also make reviewing the upcoming improvements/bugfixes easier in separate MRs.

Current issues/things missing (off the top of my head):

  • weird issue with no incoming calls on I can place outgoing calls fine-ish (404 answer in registration probe)
  • still can't be reached on ;(
  • Remove a macro hack around call string handling and automatically registering with the server
  • Should probably unregister from the server when going into suspend
  • Echo cancellation? See !270 (comment 145241)
  • No test cases yet (need to think what exactly i want to test anyway - something like creating/tearing down the CallsSipProvider/CallsSipOrigin, maybe something like using one of the sip test servers like
  • Deps in flatpak are missing
  • incoming call: ringtone keeps playing after rejecting/the other side hangs up

Trying it out

So if you're feeling adventurous you can give these patches a spin.

SIP config

You will need to create a config ~/.config/calls/sip-account.cfg with either


for direct connections (f.e. 2 Librem5's in the same network) or

# Port can be omitted, defaults to 5060 for SIP and 5061 for SIPS
# Protocol must be one of UDP,TCP,TLS

I usually have only 1 account active at a time (uncomment the other ones) but there is nothing in the code preventing having multiple accounts.


Invoke calls with -p sip parameter.


Invoke calls with sip:user@host parameter.

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