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    This re-licenses Cogl under the MIT license · 1b83ef93
    Robert Bragg authored
    This follows up on the proposal that was sent to the Cogl mailing list
    to re-license from the LGPL to the MIT license:
    Note: there was a copyright assignment policy in place for Clutter (and
    therefore Cogl which was part of Clutter at the time) until the 11th of
    June 2010 and so we only checked the details after that point (commit
    For each file, authors were identified via this Git command:
    $ git blame -p -C -C -C20 -M -M10  0bbf50f9..HEAD
    We received blanket approvals for re-licensing all Red Hat and Collabora
    contributions which reduced how many people needed to be contacted
    Individual approval requests were sent to all the other identified authors
    who all confirmed the re-license on the Cogl mailinglist:
    As well as updating the copyright header in all sources files, the
    COPYING file has been updated to reflect the license change and also
    document the other licenses used in Cogl such as the SGI Free Software
    License B, version 2.0 and the 3-clause BSD license.
This project is licensed under the SGI Free Software License B v1.1. Learn more