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pipeline: Notify about attempted builds

Right now there's no way to find out if the tag has been accepted, making it compulsory for the committer to interrupt their packaging work. It's very frustrating, especially for those who aren't confident in their packaging.

This sends a message whenever a tag is considered.

Of course, this is completely untested. I'm not going to mark it as a draft, because this repo doesn't provide any instructions for testing, so I did my homework.

This has been a pain since forever. The build process is trying to be as quiet as possible, making failures as easy to forget about as possible, only posting on an obscure mailing list that you basically have to know about. Email notification is the opposite: delivered to a known place, and before the long build starts, so that my attention doesn't have time to wander, either.

Consider this part of my mission to fix the dread of releasing for pureOS.

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