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Update gnome-clocks to v40

This merge request will bring gnome-clocks up to v40 up from v38 removing the patches that are now included from upstream.

Couple of wierd things:

  • I wasn't sure what to do with the changelog in terms of the purism changes, so it left that on the top. Wasn't sure if I should leave that way down on the changelog (where the gnome 3.38 stuff was), or pull it to the top.
  • Due to the above this will build as gnome v3.38, but it really is v40. Was not sure if a release merge request was required for that or if it should have been done in this merge request.

I'm very green when it comes to open source contributions, gitlab, and honestly this type of coding, but want to learn(I'm learning this stuff as I go). So please, if there are things I could be doing better I want to hear it!

NOTE: I tried going to v41, however it requires libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.68) to build, which we only have 2.26. Thus we'll need to wait for a new libglib2 to move to v41.

Edited by Steve Stevens

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