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debian/patches: Remove "about to suspend" notification for all devices

Librem 11 is not a phone, but the "about to suspend" notification still prevents it from suspending automatically under Phosh.

With the defaults we've chosen (1 min blank, 5 min sleep on battery), the screen blanks, but then the "about to suspend" notification appears and wakes the display again.

Since Phosh emits the screen saver "ActiveChanged" notification when the display power state changes, gsd-power resets the idle time, and it gets stuck in a loop of idle-blank-wake-idle-..., never suspending.

Maybe Phosh shouldn't emit ActiveChanged in this situation (the schema says it is actually for "managing the lock screen" - the name is misleading but the lock screen state hasn't changed when the display wakes). But it's also odd to wake the display again just for this notification, so just remove it.

Signed-off-by: Jonathon Hall

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