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Replaced 13 dead datasheet urls with a working ones.

Przemysław Brojewski requested to merge dwaff/dvk-mx8m-bsb:dead-urls into master

Signed-off-by: Przemysław.Brojewski

Checked datasheet urls in all *.sch files, found 13 dead and replaced them with a working ones.

Could not verify three of them, because they are hidden behind accounts or passwords:

Four components are marked as obsolete either by manufacturer or distributor:

MFG part number comment
LMK107BJ475KA-T Non-preferred component for new designs.
DB2J20900L Lifecycle (according to Mouser): obsolete. Datasheet no longer available on Panasonic website.
FH26-39S-0.3SHW Component discontinued. Datasheet not available on Hirose website.
SF56S006V4BR2000 Component pending obsolescence. Datasheet not available on Jae website.

List of replaced urls:

@eric.kuzmenko Would be nice to have all the datasheets accessible from the one-click button in KiCad.

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