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  • v0.0.0+git20201114   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20201114
    feedbackd (0.0.0+git20201114) amber-phone; urgency=high
      [ Guido Günther ]
      * sound: Set 'event' media role.  This allows pa to cork, duck, etc.
      * gitlab-ci: Honor PKG_ONLY.  This allow us to get debs quicker
      * udev: Update led maching for the librem5.  The names changed in device
        tree which tickles up into userspace.
      * debian: Don't abuse the video group.  Use a separate group for users that
        should be able to access the LED devices.
      [ Luca Weiss ]
      * fbd-dev-leds: fix brightness parameter.
        The fbd_dev_led_set_brightness function is only getting called with
        parameter 0 at the moment so this was never noticed.
      * Fix typos
     -- Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org>  Sat, 14 Nov 2020 15:54:23 +0100
  • v0.0.0+git20200726   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200726
  • v0.0.0+git20200714   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200714

    feedbackd (0.0.0+git20200714) amber-phone; urgency=high

    [ Arnaud Ferraris ]

    • doc: fix typos
    • doc: feedbackd: add short description. Lintian issues a warning if short description is empty.
    • fbd-ledctrl: fix typo

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • lfb-event: Clarify return values of finished functions. They just inidicate that we talked to feedbackd succesfully.
    • lfb-event: Connect done handler in async case too. Otherwise the event state is not updated properly
    • tests: Don't quit mainloop on event end. This is needed to properly test aync where we have the finished async event handler and the signal.
    • tests: Use async feedback as the test name implies

    -- Guido Günther agx@sigxcpu.org Tue, 14 Jul 2020 10:30:45 +0200

  • v0.0.0+git20200707   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200707

    feedbackd (0.0.0+git20200707) amber-phone; urgency=medium

    [ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

    • data: Lower rumble time for window-close and button-pressed even more. Haptic feedback for touchscreen input should be as subtle as possible to not make it distracting.
    • data: Add button-released event

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • feedback-sound: Plug a leak. We did not free the effect name
    • Doc cleanups
    • feedback-manager: Only act on add. We would otherwise ignore the action when no vibra device was yet found. Make sure we release the old device when updating.
    • libfeedback: Unset _initted early. This make sure a client does not end up in our shutdown phase and sees a half initted library.
    • libfeedback: Cancel all running feedbacks on uninit. We keep track of the active ids and end them on uninit. This make sure feedbacks don't continue to run if the application quits and forgets to end a feedback.
    • fbcli: Quit main loop on CTRL-C / SIGTERM. This makes sure we invoke the cleanup function correctly and allows to test running event handling.
    • docs: Add manpages (Closes: #12)
    • data: Drop phone-missed-call in 'quiet' profile. Only want LEDs there.
    • feedbackd: Add helper to set up permissions for LEDs. This helper knows about the tiggers and necessary permission. It's intended to be run via udev.
    • debian: Setup leds via udev. This allows feedbackd to set periodic feedback and makes usable LED devices identifiable by feedbackd.
    • feedbackd: Support visual feedback via LEDs. later on by using the 'repeat' attribute of the LED pattern trigger.
    • data: Use LED feedback for missed calls, IMs and SMS
    • Add generic missed notification. This can be used e.g. by the shell for general purpose notifictions but also for in app notifications of the foreground app.
    • feedback-manager: Add hint to select feedback profile per event. This e.g. allows events that are meant for haptic only to avoid emitting a sound by omitting the 'full' level and using "quiet" instead. (Closes: #7)
    • LfbEvent: Add feedback-profile property. This allows to specify the feedback profile to use for this particular event.
    • cli: Allow to set profile per event. We allowed set the global profile via -P use it as per event profile when used with -E.

    [ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]

    • build: Remove feedback dependencies from libfeedback builds

    -- Guido Günther agx@sigxcpu.org Fri, 10 Jul 2020 11:52:07 +0200

  • v0.0.0+git20200527   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200527
  • v0.0.0+git20200420   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200420
  • v0.0.0+git20200305   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200305
  • v0.0.0+git20200304   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200304

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • libfeedback: Drop trailing semicolon. Trips up some compilers. Thanks to Andrea Schaefer
    • build: Don't add lfb-enums.c to list of generated sources. Otherwise when used as a subproject the master project will try to rebuild with it's own set of flags. These lack LIBFEEDBACK_COMPILATION which does not end well.
    • Fix typos
    • theme: Add timeout-completed event for alarms and stop watches
    • Update docs (Closes: #4, #8)
    • debian: Split out shared files. This allows other programs (like gnome-control-center) to consume the settings schema without having to depend on the daemon itself.

    [ Rasmus Thomsen ]

    • fbd-feedback-profile: use G_GSIZE_FORMAT instead of hardcoding lu. On 32-bit platforms lu doesn't apply since GType is defined as a gsize fixes #15
  • v0.0.0+git20200214   feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200214
    3663b7d1 · Initial commit ·