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Version 0.2.1

Version 0.2.1

  • 0x06: Bump customer use word
  • 0x32: Reduce maximum source current to 0.9A

1.5A (7.5W) for a peripheral is a lot to ask from a battery that also has to power the whole phone itself, making it suspectible to power brownouts on device plug in. USB3 requires ports to provide at least 0.9A, so use that as maximum current.

Update application firmware version to 01.12.11

Application firmware version can be checked with:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tps6598x/0-003f/code_version


Release 01.12.11

This section lists fixes to issues identified since previous release:


  1. Add Configurable option to Enable/Disable Over Current Clamp Protection for External Switch
  2. Enable UVP Handling when the port is configured as Source. This additional protection for the device if the OCC response is slow for over-current scenarios.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the VBUS Status and Acting as Legacy Bit Fields values update in Status Register when connected to Non PD Far-end device. Also, cleared the VBUS_DETECT_EVENT on disconnect.

Release 01.12.10

This section lists fixes one issue identified since previous release:

Bug Fixes

  1. An issue in the firmware was causing the device to select an Augmented PDO when in the sink role. The firmware has been fixed to only request non-APDOs since the device does not support PPS-Sink.
Edited by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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