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Components.WebView: Disable WebKitGTK sandboxing again

It breaks print-to-pdf, and the workaround effectively disables the

See #842 and
parent a102c269
......@@ -79,12 +79,16 @@ public abstract class Components.WebView : WebKit.WebView, Geary.BaseInterface {
File cache_dir) {
WebsiteDataManager data_manager = new WebsiteDataManager(cache_dir.get_path());
WebKit.WebContext context = new WebKit.WebContext.with_website_data_manager(data_manager);
// Enable WebProcess sandboxing
context.add_path_to_sandbox(web_extension_dir.get_path(), true);
// Add the whole home directory otherwise print-to-PDF won't work.
// See
context.add_path_to_sandbox(GLib.Environment.get_home_dir(), false);
// WebProcess sandboxing
// The sandbox is currently disabled since it breaks printing
// and saving as PDF. See:
// context.add_path_to_sandbox(web_extension_dir.get_path(), true);
// context.set_sandbox_enabled(true);
// Use the doc browser model so that we get some caching of
// resources between email body loads.
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