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WIP: Enable boot image generation

Relates to: librem5-devkit-tools#10

Now that the boot image can be generated (!93 (closed)), do it for the devkit board.

This is WIP: since the requirements to merge this safely are not met yet.

Among other things, it depends on:

  • having the download/flash scripts in Librem5/librem5-devkit-tools> be able to process both single-image and multi-image builds (librem5-devkit-tools!60 (closed))
  • having the UUU scripts in Librem5/librem5-devkit-tools> be able to flash the U-boot and configure the eMMC to boot from the correct partition (librem5-devkit-tools!44)
  • building a U-boot using the purism/librem5 board, with the env located in the boot partition
  • provide an utility capable of safely updating the bootloader from within Linux (copy new boot image to the currently inactive MMC boot hwpart, copy the previous U-boot env from the active hwpart, and activate the hwpart where the new boot firmware was just written)
Edited by Hugo Grostabussiat

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