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various: Add more changes

Mohammed Sadiq requested to merge mohammed.sadiq/libcmatrix:wip/sadiq/fixes into main
  • Add support to disable auto login
  • Use a GListStore to store events and remove related public APIs that exposes events as an array
  • Fix saving room after prev_batch changes
  • db: Index often ready columns and add a table for cached room events
  • Save/Load more details when the room is saved into db
  • Don't save state events to room events timeline when saving to db
  • Add all events to db (ie, even if the event fails to decrypt, or has unknown type)
  • Fix Room details being lost when saved after loading room from db
  • Fix 0 being used twice in sorted_id count which keeps the sort order of room events
  • More CmOlm cleanups
  • Add the last event from db when room is created
  • Reconnect faster on network changes
  • Handle call events
  • Report missing passwords
  • Resync when password is set and has tried connecting
  • Add API to cancel key verification
  • Fix loading history of migrated rooms
  • Store users and user devices to db
  • Add events queued to be sent to event list
  • Remove rooms when they are left and store room state
  • And other minor fixes
Edited by Mohammed Sadiq

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