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Alexander Mikhaylenko requested to merge exalm/libhandy:wip/exalm/stack into master

As mentioned in #28 (closed), I would prefer to have a simple property in HdyLeaflet that would force it into folded mode. Otherwise we would end up with a lot of code duplication, which is... This.

 ~/Projects/libhandy  wc -l src/hdy-stack*
 2511 src/hdy-stack.c
   63 src/hdy-stack.css
   74 src/hdy-stack.h
 2648 total

It's more or less HdyLeaflet with box bits removed and with things renamed back to what they are called in GtkStack.

In the demo, it's used in the complex dialog example.

Fixes #28 (closed)

CC @adrien.plazas

Edited by Alexander Mikhaylenko

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