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Unified window

  • Decide on title areas API and implement it, see
  • Try to optimize the masking further
  • Figure out something for default titlebars
  • Figure out something for GtkApplicationWindow menubars (document they are unsupported)
  • Figure out something for server-side decorations (that's not supported case, but it shouldn't glitch out still)
  • Docs
  • Tests (though there's just _new() in each class, so not much)
  • Figure out something for dialogs (!434 (merged) drops them)
  • Reorganize the example to actually take advantage of this
  • Figure out what to do wrt leaflet+titlebar (!439 (merged))
  • Window crashes with no children (!440 (merged))

I have a titlebar widget in the Vala prototype that I didn't port over yet, because I don't particularly like the API. Tried to catch Company today unsuccessfully to discuss it, so it's blocked on that :)

Fixes #231 (closed)

Edited by Alexander Mikhaylenko

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